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  1. Cheshire Girl
    Cheshire Girl at |

    Excellent Scooter 5 Stars Just to say my Pro Rider Scooter came yesterdayI found the assembly quick and easy and once charged i went to the local park with my granson, i am extremely pleased with it and wish to thank you all for the quick delivery and excellent scooter

  2. P.R
    P.R at |

    Scooter was delivered on time.it was very easy to put together It gives my husband the freedom to get around and not struggle walking it has giving him a new lease of life. It is light enough for me to put in the car and is easy to put together it takes about 2 minutes, the only draw back is it doesn’t have means of locking it if you want to leave it

  3. June Firth
    June Firth at |

    Can I get a battery container for my pro rider freedom ?

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Hi June

      We do not stock any parts ourselves. I would recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly, which you can do here – https://www.proridermobility.com/


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