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  1. John & Jess Hunter
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    Imperial Opulence Bed with Memory Foam Mattress (3ft x 6ft6) I have had lower-back disc problems for most of my adult life and I was perfectly happy with my tried and tested bed until three years ago when I developed acute gastro-reflux problems on a day and night basis. An under-mattress wedge eased some of the acid reflux but it ‘did my back in’. Besides, the wedge was static and there were times when I needed it to be higher for acid reduction and/or lower to ease my back.I was reluctant to invest in another bed because there was no guarantee that it would address both conflicting problems. I need not have worried. The memory foam mattress gives the right degree of support without being rigid and complements this absolutely brilliant bed. The multi-controls enable me to have the right middle-bed position for my back while I gradually reduce the height of the head-section until I find the comfort-level to stop the acid reflux. The Adjustable Bed Company’s website does detail a whole range of problems (including the above) which…

  2. aglover
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    Excellent Purchase Arrived promptly, great delivery men who offered to set it up for my mum.Bought this for my 90 year old mother who suffers from nightly gastro reflux problems and some backache.Since using the bed no reflux problems and as she says it is super comfy so much so when I call her in the mornings about 10am she is still in bed (never heard of she is usually up around 8am).All in all a fantastic purchase just wish I had thought of this years ago.Only issue was I did not know it did not come with a headboard (should have known really) however when realised I went back into order but couldnt find the link,I could see it said order headboard seperately but was unable to do so.Thankyou amazon and adjustable bed company for making my 90 year old mum very happy and comfyDelighted customersif you are considering this product I urge you to get it, it really works for gastro reflux / back problems.

  3. J. A. Rosser
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    Really comfy bed Bed is good but, delivery not as listed – not put in room, not installed and packing not taken away, difficult for those on their own…


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