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  1. jim
    jim at |

    Walker My father in law at 90 is staring to get unsteady on his feet, this is easy for him to use and understand, and the brakes were very easy for him to apply even in his weakening state. It makes his twilight years more enjoyable for him, and more worry free for us, Highly recommended.

  2. Louisa239
    Louisa239 at |

    brillant this is great . the way the wheels are you can move about on a penny, not that I plan too, but I just mean it moves very easy , love the colour , seats comfy with the added back rest . there’s no stopping me now. folds up and fits in the car.

  3. carolmac
    carolmac at |

    walker bought this for my mother very easy to put together and use ,very good colour perfect size easily fits through all internal doorways


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