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  1. K. P. Shipp
    K. P. Shipp at |

    Lightweight I bought this 3 wheel walker for my elderly mother who has arthritis and sometimes loses her balance. She says that it is easy to push, fold and lift onto a bus,with the shopping basket being an added bonus, so she does not have to carry her shopping on her arm. This also means that she is able to go on trips with a club that she belongs to, as she can walk much further with the aid of this walker.

  2. C. A. Pendrill
    C. A. Pendrill at |

    Life changing This brilliantly simple walker has given my elderly father back his mobility and independence. It is well designed, simple to put together, and is light weight but sturdy. It also folds flat for easy storage. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering a walking aid. It really has changed my father’s life.

  3. Mrs. Nancy Harrison
    Mrs. Nancy Harrison at |

    Stiff wheelie This wheel walker is very light and very easy to lift into the car. I found the handles extremely stiff to pull apart and had to ask a man to help me with it. My arthritic fingers were useless. The wheelie should not be sent out without it being tested, after all it is a disability product! Have to say it is fine now.


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