Drive Medical PCMM07RD 19-inch Sunfire Plus GT Powerchair – Red

The Sunfire Plus GT is a mid size rear wheel drive powerchair that gives you performance, reliability and comfort combined with outstanding good looks.

Drive Medical have surpassed themselves with the extremely smart and fabulously chic Sunfire Plus GT Powerchair. This is a middle size powerchair that features rear wheel drive giving you a smooth journey when you are on the go. As far as comfort is concerned, the seat is very generous with plenty of good quality padding and it features height adjustable as well as reclining capabilities.

The armrests are constructed out of moulded PU, designed for comfort and conveniently move upwards so you can get into the Sunfire Plus with ease. You will note they are also width, height and angle adjustable so you will find the perfect position according to your size and posture. Your feet and legs will be comfortably positioned too as there is a footplate which can be angled and adjusted plus it can also be folded upwards and away from use if required.

When moving your Sunfire Plus Powerchair you don’t need to worry about uneven surfaces because the chair comes complete with an articulating front beam, which helps give you a smooth, steady ride and for safety there are handsome anti-tip wheels. The wheels themselves comprise of solid grey tyres and you’ll agree the chair design overall is modern and sleek.

This powerchair is able to drive for up to 20 miles on a full battery charge and has a powerful 350 watt motor. It can zip around at a top speed of 4 miles per hour and can comfortably and safely carry weight of up to 21 stone. It’s another winning product from Drive Medical that will give you reliability, performance and comfort combined with outstanding good looks.

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