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  1. Ally Oop "Blue Jazzy"
    Ally Oop "Blue Jazzy" at |

    Quality Chair, but……….. This chair is advertised as being super lightweight at less than 9kg which is the main reasonI choose it. I was a little disconcerted when I spotted that the packaging put the weight at 15kg.The packaging weighs about a kilo so the correct weight of the chair with footrests fitted is about 14kg.Certainly not super lightweight and heavier than others advertised at around 12kg.However, on the plus side this looks to be a very well designed and engineered chair. As yet I have nottaken my mother out in it but with cable brakes is ideal for those with any downhill journeys to make.Had this chair been 9kg as advertised I would have awarded it 5 stars for its quality but feelmislead by its advertised weight.

  2. carer
    carer at |

    light,useable, beats heaver models hands down.. Arrived with-in 48hrs, apart from slight ajustment req to brakes,was in use in 10mins,mobility and lightness in weight superb..would highly recomend the product and service thro amazon..


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