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  1. Livinghope
    Livinghope at |

    Good looking walking stick Very smart looking stick that looks good for male or female use. Very strong and easily adjustable for length. The wrist strap makes it so easy to use.So far after 2 weeks use I have not noticed any chipping that the previous reviewer experienced, and the label on my stick was easy to remove with little residue that soon rubbed off with moist finger.Pleased with my purchase at a very low low price. much cheaper than locally in shops or garden centres.

  2. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw at |

    adequate Nice to have a stick with a strap attached, making it easy to use when shopping etc.One of the down sides was the product label that was stuck on the metal shaft- it resisted all attempts to remove it, in the end I to to buy a bottle of “sticky stuff remover” to get it off! thus adding approxiamately anothe £4.00 to the purchase price.Also the “wooden” handle chips very easily, so it now looks as if white paint has been splashed over it!

  3. Paul Clews
    Paul Clews at |

    Solid Walking Stick Good solid walking stick with a nice handle and good foot,as for the label mentioned in another review I found that a little meths did the trick


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