Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts can be very useful indeed and a welcome addition in not only homes but also public places where an individual could find themselves completely unable to reach another area of a property and as a result very restricted as to where they can go.

At home as long as a stairway is wide enough then there are usually no reasons why a stair lift cannot be installed.

The installation usually requires for a rail to be fitted that is strong enough to take the weight of the rest of the lift, plus the weight of the individual using the stair lift.

A stair lift will usually move at a slow speed with smooth motion and will not require much effort from the user, so that even if the user has other disabilities that restrict movement, they will usually be able to operate the lift on their own.

They are suitable for many ages so that a child would be able to use one too, so they lend their assistance to a wide range of mobility solutions, from someone severely disabled where family and carers could place the individual on the stair lift, to children, pensioners and many other situations.

While some stair lifts can be a little expensive, some retailers sell reconditioned units and you can save a few hundred pounds at times by purchasing a reconditioned one.

They can also be rented from some dealers, which may make sense where someone would require the installation and use of a stair lift for a limited time and would prefer to not have to buy one.

In some properties it may require a custom installation if a home or other type of property has a differently styled staircase from expected, this will usually require measurements to be taken so that a company can build a custom rail if needed that is specifically built to the persons staircase layout.

There are many stair lift dealers and a good one should make sure that they are selling you the ideal solution for your situation, they will often offer maintenance and servicing too, at an additional cost, unless they provide some sort of all in one package, but should you need the stair lift checked out or repaired it should be quite easy to get a qualified engineer to get the stair lift serviced or fixed.

Also extended warranties can be taken out if required.

Stair lifts have been around for quite some time and they continue to be improved so the future for stair lifts looks good and as new models come onto the market they look to become smarter and will require even less effort from the user.

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