Mobility Scooter Troubleshooting

With a mobility scooter there are various problems that can be encountered from time to time, the types of problems can vary with the make and model of mobility scooter that you have and some makes and models might have common and well-known problems.

Sometimes a user can experience a problem where the mobility scooter keeps starting and stopping, what may happen is that it may travel a few meters and then stops and then allows you to move a little further and then stops again.

In other cases, you might be ready to use your mobility scooter to find that it simply won’t move, and as comes naturally to most, you will probably find yourself checking the battery at first to make sure that it has a charge and that the battery and it’s connections are fine.

Beyond checking the battery, some of the other areas to check is all of the wiring to make sure that none is disconnected or that no wiring is damaged.

Depending on whether you are getting some movement from the mobility scooter or no movement at all, you will also want to check fuses to see if this could be the issue.

Also, it can be worth checking to see if anything is overheating, like the motor.

Fortunately, with a mobility scooter, there are not quite so many parts, unlike other vehicles, so it can sometimes be easier to narrow down what may be causing a problem.

In the cases where the problem that you are experiencing is very common to a particular model of a mobility scooter, it can make it a bit easier to find out how to fix the problem as there can be plenty of information available about it, but sometimes the problem can be a little different or not common with the make and model that you have.

It is a good idea though to start with checking the connections, wiring, any signs of overheating and fuses to rule these out first, then beyond that if you can’t find any other obvious faults and there’s nothing mentioned regarding the problem in any manual available that you have, then the next step can be to have a professional look at it.

If you don’t mind, and are able to, it’s always worth a quick look yourself, you could save yourself time, and money too if the problem is something minor and the extra knowledge that you gain can be handy for any time in the future that your mobility scooter has problems operating.

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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    I am often asked by people to try to fix something because they cannot afford some of the rather exotic prices, for instance. A local family who emigrated here from Bosnia had a mother with MS and had to go about in a chair. Her real left wheel froze solid and she took it to the local independance shop who wanted over 3oo pounds to replace the differential. She asked me to look at it, it had a plastic cover over a roller bearing which was dry inside and had “frozen”. In five minutes I stripped it greased it and she was on her way. Her father now brings me a pride victory and its driving me nuts. Power apparently drains very quickly but the meter shows full charge, I have checked every connection, checked for worn through wires that might explain a short circuit, nothing! now after charging it all night there is no power to the wheels (it isnt in freewheel mode) the batteries where replaced two weeks ago, so it isnt the batteries. However; I have noticed a small red LED flashing inside the power meter housing that is blinking at precisely the same rate as the indicators would when in use, it flashes constantly so doesnt appear to be an error code, so I am suspecting indicator relay is in error but it does work and the lights all work. I can only find one fused under the rear canopy below the seat which isnt blown, one in the headlamp assembly also not blown. The pride manuals are not helpfull and I cannot get an electrical schematic or repair book. So I am kind of stumped.

    1. Adam
      Adam at |

      Did you ever find the solution to this fault

    2. Karen
      Karen at |

      I have the same problem with my Drive scooter. Battery reads green but once in motion quickly goes to red, especially if I hit a bump. I replaced Barrett, but problem remains. I barely go 1/4 mile each day but need to charge each day. Please post if you find a solution.

      1. Billy Purse
        Billy Purse at |

        I have a kymco midi xls and the fault indicator flashes twice after about a mile or so. It is fully charged but stops completely after a mile, I need to charge it again to clear the flashing fault indicator but then after a mile or so back to square one.

      2. darren
        darren at |

        car on did you manage find out your problem with your battery reading ? when your still it’s on green but soon as you start to move on scooter the battery goes strange off green of you no please let me no thanks

    3. Mrs Christine Oneill
      Mrs Christine Oneill at |

      I have a TGA scooter and the diagnostic green light is flashing 5 times any idea what it is and it is fully chartered

    4. Jason
      Jason at |

      Hell, I have the very same problem as mike.
      there is no power to the wheels (it isnt in freewheel mode) the batteries where replaced today, so it isnt the batteries. However; I have noticed a small red LED flashing inside the power meter housing that is blinking at precisely the same rate as the indicators would when in use, it flashes constantly so doesnt appear to be an error code, so I am suspecting indicator relay is in error but it does work and the lights all work. I can only find one fused under the rear canopy below the seat which isnt blown, one in the headlamp assembly also not blown. The pride manuals are not helpfull and I cannot get an electrical schematic or repair book. So I am kind of stumped.

      Has anyone found a solution to this problem please?

      1. dave
        dave at |

        If not batteries. then check carbon brushes as these regulate the current between motor and rest of scooter

      2. steve
        steve at |

        Hi All
        If you haven`t fixed this problem already here are some things to look at.
        I have a big heartway aviator scooter that is now done 8,000 klms (yes I do ride a lot), and if it`s one thing I`ve learnt to do it`s to fix it myself. The repair costs at the only dealer that has the agency for them is simply out of the question for me. So here are some things that I have found will make the batteries not last as long as they should.
        1. I agree with Dave about the carbon brushes, if they don`t make a good contact with the commutator then there is a much greater resistance for the batteries to overcome, therefore the batteries will be drained much quicker than usual, it would be like going up a very steep hill constantly
        2.A transmission oil leak onto the motor output shaft will find its way all the way to the other end of the motor and coat the commutator.TRUST ME IT WILL!. This will increase resistance.
        If you are using a charger that switches off when the batteries are charged and there is increased resistance in the charging circuit then the charger can “think” that the batteries are charged and stop charging when your batteries are still only partially charged.
        3. I don`t think the blinking red light is an indicator of a fault, but rather a signal to indicate that current is present. The fact that it blinks at the same rate as the indicator is because they use the same timer chip.
        Ok so you need to firstly research what the current draw for your motor should be, then borrow or buy a clamp meter and run the motor under load to see how many amps it draws. If outside of the specs then the problem is in the motor. DC motors can be rebuilt very cheaply by any motor rewinding business. If the charging circuit is at fault then the plug for the charger where you plug it into your scooter should be warm when charging , it should not be hot. If it is then the problem is the charging circuit. If the plug doesn`t get even warm then there is either a break in the charging circuit or the batteries have lost all internal resistance and need to be replaced. Hope this helps some of you.

    5. florence bamber
      florence bamber at |

      Something wrong with my Mobility Scooter its stop go stop go cant use it now ive asked how much for repair they said For collection and delivery of your scooter and a diagnostics for the full scooter it would be £94.95 + Vat.and thats just to tell me whats wrong its a STERLING LITTLE GEM please advice

  2. Mitch Athearn
    Mitch Athearn at |

    Lots of times after sitting a few hours my Sonic
    Pride Mobility scooter will not start even with fully charged new batteries.
    Have checked every obvious thing such as the circuit breaker,fuses,reseated all connections, freewheel switches,etc.
    Kinda suspect the motor. Please offer suggestions.

  3. Mitch Athearn
    Mitch Athearn at |

    Won’t start most of the time even with fully charged new batteries.
    Have checked all obvious things such as reseating all connections, circuit breaker, freewheel
    switches,etc. Please offer suggestions.

  4. Jose Jesus
    Jose Jesus at |

    That`s because it goes into power saving mode if you leave the key on and don`t use it for a certain period of time. All you have to do is turn it off and back on for it to go again.

  5. Michele
    Michele at |

    My mom’s mobility scooter sometimes wont go again after you brake… and then it makes a beeping sound… any ideas?

  6. dave
    dave at |

    you may have the brake lever off or you have a faulty connection on the micro switch on the brake solenoid ,a simple cleaning of the contacts should resolve it,if this fails you may have a faulty solenoid

  7. john
    john at |

    My mom has a Rascal 200, she says that sometimes it just stops, this happened in the middle of the street she was crossing, any ideas….the batteries are new I dont see anything loose…thanks for any help

    1. christine goodwin
      christine goodwin at |

      where will I be able to buy a fuse for my rascal scooter

      1. Stef
        Stef at |

        Halford have them pretty cheap

  8. alan
    alan at |

    shoprider,will not move fully charged batteries,when key is turned on there is a beeping sound from around the motor also the fuse has blown now, please any ideas

    1. les conklin
      les conklin at |

      mine does that only I have good fuses. what did you find out its a shoprider also

  9. dom
    dom at |

    where can i get fault codes for strider mx4 mobility scooter

  10. john
    john at |

    i have a invacare orion scooter and it keeps going slow someone says it may be the magnetic braking wher do i find this and could this be the problem or what else could it be .cheers

  11. susan
    susan at |

    I have a go go elite traveller. I left it in a heavy shower for about 10 mins., and the next time I went to use it, it had a continuous whistling noise. it is probably electrical, as it only gets quieter when the battery runs down. It still goes, but the the noise is driving me crazy and I don’t want to cause any long time damage. can anyone help to identify the problem? Thanks.

    1. Rona
      Rona at |

      Found this post when looking for help. I know this was a while ago but did you get the problem solved as I have same?

  12. trevor hoare
    trevor hoare at |

    mum has a shoprider and on two occasions even with the ignition switch off the scooter jumped backwards at speed the second time she had already got off it, has anyone encountered this before thanks trevor

  13. Graham
    Graham at |

    I have a Pro-Rider scooter, when I go for about 1 mile the Battery lever indicator suddenly goes from full down to zero and limps back home, I have purchased a battery condition tester and when tested they are still 9 tenths full but it will not go anymore….any ideas, could it be the control unit… thanks Graham

    1. Claire O'Neill
      Claire O'Neill at |

      I have the same problem with mine
      If anyone can help it would be highly appreciated

  14. sandy
    sandy at |

    I have a pride victory, which wont go, this happened last weekend and I had some one look at it and when I went to show them it went but he checked it over anyway and everything seemed to be ok. Now 6 days later here I am ready to go out and it wont go. Any suggestions, by the way fully charged yesterday and I hadnt used it after the charge.

    1. tom
      tom at |

      My pride victory is doing that now getting 9 beeps on full batts wont move at all first i had 7 beeps did speed pot didnt help any ideas ?

  15. Graham
    Graham at |

    Its the Pro Rider Road King, I tried something out yesterday, I ran the scooter for just over a mile and on the last 200yds the battery gauge went from full to empty within the 200yds , my wife and district nurse pushed me back home the last 10yds or so, anyway left it for around an hour without charging it and the battery guage was back to full, went out on it again for roughly the same distance and same thing happened, but managed to get back home, then today (saturday) have done the same without charging again, batteries are just over 3 quarters full after all that. I have phoned Pro Rider who are sending and engineer out, the batteries are 2 x 55amps and less than 12months old.


    1. Billwinkle
      Billwinkle at |

      The gauge registers battery level under load, that means when just sitting without engaging the throttle, it will register full, then as you go, the load on the battery will increase. Be sure to charge the batteries for 4 hours to ensure a full charge.

  16. lloyd smith
    lloyd smith at |

    i have aquired asuperlite s-hand mobility scooter and have charged batteries but arlarm wont stop to alow motor to move any sugestions would be grateful ;

  17. Karen
    Karen at |

    I have a shoprider Paris scooter,My battery is fully charegd but when I switch it on it just beeps instaed of going backwards or forwards.I live outside the uk and dont want to charged a rediculous amount for repairs by not knowing the cause of this if I take it to a repair shop.

  18. Graham
    Graham at |

    Hi Karen

    Have you accidently knocked the lever under the seat so that the scooter is in “free wheel” and can be pushed manually, that usually causes the beep beep when you turn it on, just a thought.

    Ps to admin.
    I solved my problem, it was the batteries I got a local company who came out and did a test on them for me, now doing 20 miles with no problems…lol


  19. Karen
    Karen at |

    No it is not the lever putting into free wheel and the battery is showing full when switched on and left on.Just will not go

  20. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    Hi have strider st#1 mobility scooter and it just stops dead after a short distance. My paths and roads are bumpy and was wondering if the battering is disconnecting. have stopped in middle of the road with cars waiting until I get started again and the only way to do that is push the battery pack hard but that is not easy with my neaurological condition. sick of stopping and starting or in some cases not starting. Help do I need to get someone out or could I fix it myself.

  21. BoB
    BoB at |

    After buying my scooter, I read the rather pathetic owner’s manual that came with it. I especially wanted to check out the information regarding charging of the batteries.

    I guess like all the manuals for all of the various scooters, it recommended that the batteries should be recharged after EVERY use and once the red LED light changed to green, the batteries were fully charged. Usually after only two to three hours.

    However, I think that this is a rather poor recommendation, especially after personally experiencing very poor range from fully charged batteries. I found information from a few fellow scooter users to be of value indeed. There is also some excellent battery information on this American website too:

    Now I use my scooter throughout the day and only recharge it when I’m done for the day. I charge the batteries overnight for at least 8 hours, sometimes longer and only unplug it the following day when I’m about to use my scooter. This allows DEEP CHARGING of the cells which helps to reduce sulfation (American terminology) of the cells. This sulfation is the white oxide deposits which forms on the lead plates inside the battery reducing its performance. If this is not controlled, it crystallises and the battery will finally be “dead!” A good intelligent battery charger that automatically switches over to trickle charging is highly recommended as this keeps the batteries fully charged without the possibility of overcharging them.

    Scooter owners who put away their scooter for the winter season are advised to charge your scooter’s batteries at least monthly to maintain their performance. This is where a good intelligent charger comes in very handy for the trickle charging ability as it could be left switched on provided it’s safe to do so (no possibility of tripping over cables etc..)

    The other things to lookout for is to make sure that you have connected the wiring at the battery terminals correctly and that the screws, bolts or clamps are tighten up without stripping any threads. A thin coating of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) over the terminals is also advisable (do NOT use ordinary grease!)


  22. bryon kerslake
    bryon kerslake at |

    I have a pride sonic scooter i took on holiday last year used it about 5 days it was working ok, on the last day on putting it in the car with the yellow leaver in the free wheel possion, getting it out of the car at home pushed it into to the garage and did not use it for three weeks, when i did want to use it put the yellow leaver to drive possion it would not move green light flashng is there a micro switch on the rear axle connected to the yellow leaver battery full charge.please can help anybody

    1. Ken
      Ken at |

      Can not move the yellow lever forward for freewheeling .new battery’s are charged and runs good.

  23. Karen
    Karen at |

    Hi, I have fianlly solved the proplem with my scooter, it was moisture in the motor causing it not to go when switched on and just beeping.The machanic stipped it down dried it and now its perfect.

  24. Linda Weber
    Linda Weber at |

    I put new batteries in my gogo elite scooter and now it won’t move forwards or back words. What do I need to do?

  25. Rob
    Rob at |

    Hi my nan has a kymco scooter, it seems to have developed a fault it cannot be driven or free wheeled. When lifted and one wheel is turned the other rear wheel turns in the other direction, thus when in the ground it goes nowhere. Any help?

    1. brian wood
      brian wood at |

      hello rob I was just reading through this problem page and come across your problem now this is quite unbeleiveable but ive got the father -in laws scooter inbit in my garage for the same reason has yours now first of all I am not a macanic but spent a lot of my life repairing cars and any thing macanical I am now 61 and trying to give it up but life wont let me anyway has for the back wheels running different ways that’s right it caused by the gear box running the drive shafts one goes one way and the other the opposite way now that’s nomal years ago when the old cars had a long metal tube called a prop shaft now when th car was jacked up and you turn the prop shaft by hand the back wheels went the opposite ways now that’s with the gear box turning the drive shafts have you ever notice when some body does a wheelie in a car only one wheel leaves a skid mark not the 2 that’s caused y the gear drive one free wheels and one skids away Now regarding the wheels locking on its not the brakes its some thing to do wih the motor ive just taken mine off today and I am working on the problem but its not your brakes now the bleeping noise comeing from your scooter the amount of bleeps are different each bleep tells the macanic what the problem is but I am working on that tomorrow now at this moment rob I am in the dark but it some thing to do with the motor I will know more later this week but ill keep you in formed rob regards brian

      1. nicola mears
        nicola mears at |

        Hi Brian. I have just read your reply to Rob from last year. I was interested if you solved the problem as my scooter is doing this also, rear wheels going in opposite directions and scooter beeping. Seems to happen after I have ridden for a while and then stop for a few minutes and then it happens. After about 20 mins it seems ok again. I am usually out with a friend but I am now worried about using it on my own and becoming stranded.
        Thank you, Nic.

  26. janet buckley
    janet buckley at |

    hi just womdered if you could help me i have a sterling midi 4 mobility scooter that wont start it was fine yesterday but when switched on today an orange light is flashing and horn continually on it is fully charged and wont go forwards or backwards i have tried reset button but same thing keeps happening any idea what could be causing this

  27. Karen
    Karen at |

    Hi, Like I said in an earlier reply My problem was Moisture in the motor. Once the mechanic dried it out it was perfect. My Shoprider Paris was doing exactly the same thing !!

  28. gill
    gill at |

    hi i have a cmt 580 scooter it shows battery full charges fine ..has no faults showing in the diagnostic blink thing but wont start ??i have tried loose wires and tested the batteries showing at 12.7 amps ..what can be wrong its driving me crazy ..hope you can help me

  29. John
    John at |

    I have exactly the same problem as Janet, with my dad’s Sterling Midi 4 – constant buzzing when switched on after being on charge and no movement in either direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  30. gill
    gill at |

    got my cmt fixed was the control board cost me 150 pound but well worth it as he gave it a full fix and maintainance and im flying around now ..

  31. Darren Hall
    Darren Hall at |

    I have a Sterling 2 four wheel mobility scooter it’s stopped working after a charge. I checked everything reset the scooter, batteries, connections, etc. You turn it on it just beeps really fast then nine beeps and stops. The headlight is working and the dail is showing a full battery. We have tried putting apart with the key out etc to no avail, please can you help.

  32. Pattie
    Pattie at |

    My Rascal 329le was stolen a couple of weeks ago with tiller head smashed to “hot wire”. I got it back the next day after police recovered it (upside down in a ditch!)

    I’ve replaced the tiller this morning as the wiring in the old one was a complete mess. Batteries are charged (lights, indicators, horn etc. now working fine) but the machine is still not moving! (yes…I have checked the freewheel is in the drive position)

    Any ideas what I can try next, please?

  33. Rosalyn
    Rosalyn at |

    I have a calypso 4 wheel , the plastic on the battery guage turned white , is there any way to fix it ?

  34. Sue
    Sue at |

    please help i am stuck in work and my pro rider king kangarooed to work like the brakes were stuck on quite scary now when i turn the key it just beeps no movement please help xx

  35. Helen
    Helen at |

    Please help. I have been given a Wheeltech Pioneer midi scooter that was fine and working last week but when I got it home and it has been on charge for 14 hours it still says its charging and when I unplug and turn it on the “power eye” is flashing and it will not move even though the scooter display says its fully charged. It’s not in “free wheeling” mode, my uncle gave it to me and he moved it about a week ago and it was fine.
    Any ideas?

  36. stumpey
    stumpey at |

    Hi my LifeWay 3 suddenly stopped and after managing to get it home, I found it was the the parking switch. The buggy works fine except it now goes forward slowly with a beep and reverses very fast. The wiring is not the problem as I have tried it both ways. Could someone help please its doing my head in Thanks Stumpey.

    1. w pickford
      w pickford at |

      The buggy works fine except it now goes forward slowly with a beep and reverses very fast.
      I have Stumpys problem with no apparent answer, please help.

  37. Danny
    Danny at |

    I ahve a little red flashing light on my pride victory and it wont go into forward or ereverse can someone help please

  38. Cairns Galbraith
    Cairns Galbraith at |

    Hi, my wives ST-1 strider shows error code 5 ( the blue light flashes 5 times. I assume it is error code 5) the manual has this as a brake problem, I have set and reset the brake lever several times, metered the micro switch, open infinity, closed 59 ohms I shorted out the switch and nothing changed, cleaned and checked all connectors to no avail.

    Does anyone know what else can cause this problem and/or supply a wiring diagram. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance, Cairns Galbraith.

  39. mark
    mark at |

    I’ve a king pro street rider revs up when brake on and don’t move may be axle could that be the fault.

  40. Roy.
    Roy. at |

    Hi, l’ve got a old Pride scooter and it only go’s 30cm /1ft forward and then stops, and when it goes backwards it’s OK can anybody help. Regards.

  41. gitch
    gitch at |

    Can anyone please help me with my problem.
    I have a DMA Strider 3 MD BU scooter,I want to change my rear wheels on to solid tyres. But I cannot get my wheels off. The center nut will not budge,I have checked to see if there is a locking tab for the nut but there isn’t one.

    1. Reg evans
      Reg evans at |

      A rachet gun will loosen it go to a tyre & wheel yard

  42. charles
    charles at |

    I have pride sidekick, I was having problems with tires on the front, when the tire broke down, and had a hard time moving it. When I fix the tire I see it will not move. When you turn the brake lever, then try to go forward. it will not, but makes a little noise at the brake assembly, and that is all.

  43. Irene Davies
    Irene Davies at |

    Hi , I have a Pro-Rider King . My problem is that it starts and stops although I have purchased new batteries and a new charger. The company have not been helpful at all . Really disappointed at the fault and the company. Any suggestions , the scooter is 18 months old.

    1. dave
      dave at |

      hi Irene, i also own a pro-rider road king, and besides the first three months of buying it (new) it has been a nightmare, i lost count of how many times it broke down and all to often in the middle of the road, i would charge the batteries overnight go out alls fine until a mile or less then the battery meter drops like a stone and i had to be pushed home, time n again it was the same issue which may also be your problem, and thats the motor brushes, the only lasted one-two months each time, anyway if you want to check them , at the end of the motor there are two plastic black screws unscrew each one and pullout the brushes they look like a magnet with a spring coil attached, if the part that looks like a magnet it corroded or the spring is broke they will need replacing, they cost about £6 a set on ebay, so remove the old and put the new ones in and fingers crossed, as for the company i totally agree they are a nightmare, when out on the pavement my rear axle broke causing a rear wheel to go off down the road and me in pain with the scooter trying to tip over, at first they were all to happy to fix it even arrange to be done, then my granfather died so i had to cancel, ever since they wont return my emails of which 20 plus have been sent, i hope this helps if not reply with more info and i maybe able to give layman advice.

  44. Thelma
    Thelma at |

    My scooter 8 ml per hour older model turn on jus beeps , why

  45. peter spencer
    peter spencer at |

    i have a sterling midi 4 mobility scooter new batteries, new speed controller fitted, but on turning on the scooter mover about 6 inches comes to an abrupt stop and starts beeping, turn off key and return on and the same thing happens. This happen in both directions. the battery condition gauge shows full until it clicks to a holt and then reads dead. Any help please.

    1. peter spencer
      peter spencer at |

      I have found the fault, so simply I feel foolish, but here it is. On double checking all the wiring I decided to check that the new batteries had been fitted properly by the disability shop, You don’t think of checking a professionals work do you. only to find one negative terminal only finger tight. On tightening I find all is well.

  46. lilan
    lilan at |

    my go go stoped working when I went up a bumpy hill now will not work and the green light not flashing when put on charge

  47. Bill Hill
    Bill Hill at |

    has the parking Brake/clutch been disengaged are the batteries
    fully charge and the terminals and contacts clean

  48. shirley nichols
    shirley nichols at |

    What’s wrong with my go go scooter when you turn key on all it does is

    1. gayle
      gayle at |

      it might be in neutral ( free wheel )

  49. jay
    jay at |

    hi i have a strider st 4d and it has fully charged batterys also not on free will but have no movement the motor is not clicking on any help

  50. simon
    simon at |

    Hi, have a pro rider road king,
    It’s all working, 33ah batteries are fine, but I don’t think it’s going as fast as it should, it also has puncture proof tyres, but one is deflated & won’t pump up, I’ve tried pumps & one at a petrol station, but still won’t inflate! Any suggestions to both of my problems please??.

  51. Carol Martin
    Carol Martin at |

    I have a Wheeltech Mercury 46 which has been on a go slow for months. I have had the batteries checked & they are 100%. My husband has just got my scooter out to get me ready for Spring & the battery connector has blown. Anyone know where I could get a replacement? Thanks in anticipation for help. Carol

  52. kim
    kim at |

    hi we have a sportrider the lights all come on but wont move at all any ideas thank you Kim

  53. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    Hi, we have a kymco ls mini 4u. It started losing range and struggling on hills so I changed the batteries. It has not made any difference. It doesn’t seem to freewheel as easily as it did so am wondering if this is indicative of some sort of problem. Any ideas please? Thank you. Geoff

  54. ernest bosley
    ernest bosley at |

    Hi,I have a Pride Hurricane,its been left out in all weather for a charges batteries ok,but I have no power at the tiller,fuses all ok so re set it but still no power at tiller.any ideas 🙁

  55. Brunson
    Brunson at |

    Where do I find the fuse on my shop rider Eco 3 scooter?

  56. martin webster
    martin webster at |

    i have a rascal329le i have aflashing light 5times any one knows what this means

    1. Aldred
      Aldred at |

      I have a Taurus scooter that has the same fault i.e. the indicator flashes five times. It will drive for a short distance before the batter indicator falls to the minimum.I fitted new batteries last year and they seem to charge OK. Any help would be appreciated

      1. evan
        evan at |

        faulty brake solenoid’

  57. Cheryl
    Cheryl at |

    Hi my mum has a status xl6 mobility scooter. All was working fine when she put the key in to go somewhere it will not move, all the lights work and if u press the button to reverse it still beeps like it should but will not move. I can hear it clicking like it wants to go but still don’t go anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

  58. lee
    lee at |

    hi I have a pro rider road king,, I plug in the charger but green light dosnt turn red and it isn’t charging, I bought a new charger same problem. help would be a godsend as im stuck without my scooter

  59. william
    william at |

    is there a reset button on my s420 landlex gazelle? and how do i locate all the fuses? I cant get a manual any where.
    all the insides are in brilliant condition but just wont work. can anyone help me please?
    thank you

  60. John
    John at |

    my rascal mobility scooter has stop taking a recharge (Batterys are new)

  61. Irene bromfield
    Irene bromfield at |

    Hi I have kymco midi and when I use the brakes I can hear the brakes disengage.can you tell me if this is ok .i have had a few scooters over the years and have never hears this before .can you please advice I have just bought second hand from’ mobility shop thank you irene

  62. Jean hall
    Jean hall at |

    Pro go go scooter my batteries are charged but when turn key lights striat up but when I use throttle to go forward the lifts go down will go backwards but will not go forward

  63. marie williams
    marie williams at |

    hi i have a colt pride plus mobility scooter and the blue light on the control is flashing 7 times can you tell me what,s wrong with it please

  64. malcolm
    malcolm at |

    Hi Marie,iam trying to help a friend out with there mobility scooter ,the charger dose not seem to work no light coming on when you plug in .so what I am asking if I take the two battery off the buggi can I charge them up with a car battery charger?please can you let me know Malcolm Kirkham Lancashire.

  65. Nigel Bower
    Nigel Bower at |

    My fathers pro ride scooter is making a constant beep tone when switched on, it is brand new but was exposed to some rain last night due to high wind blowing the protective cover off. I have dried all excess water off and had the hair drier on and around the control panel and cabling.
    Any advice appreciated

    1. Christina wisley
      Christina wisley at |

      Did you figure it out?

  66. Duane
    Duane at |

    Hi , my Go go pride scooter won’t move . When assembled it shows the batts full but bleeps 9 times . I have put new batteries in last August and worked fine . The last time I went to use it . Everything stopped and I had to get a friend to push me back to the car . Half way back the drive system seemed to re engage in even though everything was set to free wheel

    1. Anita
      Anita at |

      Hi this happened to me and I think it was the damp gettingvto the connections. Once it was indoors and had 24 hours of warmth it worked fine again. Need to protect against damp and cold.

  67. lil
    lil at |

    Hi I gt a sunrider exploper 406 it all works but the handlebar feels stiff to turn round corners

  68. lil
    lil at |

    Shop ride that works but the sit moves side to side and feels if frame doing the same help

  69. Devina Robertson
    Devina Robertson at |

    We have a DMA merits 3 wheeler scooter, just replaced the batteries and everything is connected well and the charger light is green, the power eye is flashing & the scooter wont move, can anyone help please?

  70. Claire O'Neill
    Claire O'Neill at |

    I have a pride go go elite traveller
    We got caught in a heavy down pour
    It works but it’s developed an annoying whistle
    Can anyone help please?
    Thank you

    1. don wilson
      don wilson at |

      Thats the rain, none of these scooters are at all waterproofed. Need to take apart the dial/switch part and dry everything out…. keep a plastic bag handy to covet with if caught in rain, or get proper cover for handlebars….☺

  71. Josh
    Josh at |

    i have a Invacare Meteor, recently while i am driving it, suddenly stop when i switched of and put on again its works. also i noticed when i m going up and down from kerbs its stops. some times i need to wait 10-20 second to restart the engine. What can it be? if anyone help i appreciate

  72. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    My gogo elite is beeping when I turn the key its flashing a wee blue light won’t go showing the battery is fully charged and gear is on to drive what would cause this

  73. Rebecca
    Rebecca at |

    My spitfire EZ model 1320 16 fs21 occasionally gets stuck in reverse.
    If I back it onto grass, it
    Seems to come out of reverse and I can move forward again.

    Does anyone have an idea of what the problem
    Is and if it’s repairable?

    Thanks in advance.

  74. Mrs M Nelson
    Mrs M Nelson at |

    I have bought a shop rider “Sovereign ” deluxe mobility scooter it’s fully charged, the lever underneath is in the right position so all I can think of it’s the circuit breaker has tripped, how do I fix this? I also made the mistake of leaving my keys in when charging. It’s fully charged and light on the battery is green but when I try to go it gives a continuous high sound. Can u help?

  75. Margaret Bamfield
    Margaret Bamfield at |

    I have been given a Merit DMA scooter, model HP8402A, it came without a users manual. Can anyone help please. Thank you.

    1. Richard Kaminski
      Richard Kaminski at |

      You could try emailing [email protected] as they have a few user manuals on their website and say that if you don’t see your manual then they may be able to get it

  76. John curran
    John curran at |

    Hi I have a Luggie elite, which the red “power on” light flashes seven times any ideas, where to start, thanks

  77. David
    David at |

    Hi I have a pride celebrity x replaced with new battery’s run up the road and back went to try next morning didn’t go checked all around only thing that I could find the green status light wasn’t working could anyone give me any ideas

  78. Alison
    Alison at |

    Hi i have the same problem mines a shoprider ctm and have the green light problem batterys tested and are fine both reading just over 12v each
    Wires checked fine lever checked fine
    I uses to be able to keep turning the key on an off for a few minutes then the green light went from dule green to bright green and then it worked for the day but now even that dont work and its stuck on dule green light not movement at all anyone have any ideas?

  79. Camille McMillan
    Camille McMillan at |

    I have a brand new Luggie, two months old. What causes it to whine in reverse?

  80. Sharon freeman
    Sharon freeman at |

    Hi I’ve got a shop rider mobility scooter it will work but as soon as I turn it off to go in shop or visiting and get bk on to go home it’s won’t go and keeps bleeping I have to keep putting it in gear and push it then sometimes it dont go then when I put key bk in it sometimes will work but mostly it don’t I’m puzzled I depend on my scooter and need it all lights work just keeps cutting out when I turn it off can someone please help don’t know how to fix it!!

  81. Richard Kaminski
    Richard Kaminski at |

    I have just had my Invacare Comet scooter modified from Lead/acid batteries to Li-Ion batteries to extend the range. After a trip of around 4 miles, the scooter suddenly stopped and all the lights went out (battery life etc) and nothing I could do would make them come back on. After getting the scooter home, I stripped it down to check battery terminals and fuses. The 2 battery fuses (70A) were OK but I found a third fuse (10A spade) blown. Can anyone tell me what this fuse protects as I dare not use the scooter until I can find out in case I cause more damage. Thanks

    1. Richard Kaminski
      Richard Kaminski at |

      I have found out that the 10A fuse protects the regen circuit. A qualified scooter engineer checked it and replaced it with a 20A as the circuit can handle the current.

  82. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    I have a Rascal Eco 4, and since acquiring it, it’s been nothing but a head ache.
    It stops and starts when it wants. I get a variety of flashing light sequences when turned on, which when removing battery and replacing it, checking connections or a little wiggle on the seat, the ignition light changes to continually fixed on and it decsides to go.
    It’s got 8 flashes at the moment and I can’t find out what this means?
    It’s commonly flashing 6 times. I thinks there is a loose connection somewhere and it’s driving me crazy. It’s my only transport for getting about and out of the house as walking on my crutches is painful and tiring and I can’t walk out of the estate I live. No independence.

    1. Richard Kaminski
      Richard Kaminski at |

      The manual just states that more then 6 flashes is errors detected but does not say what the errors are

      1. Richard Kaminski
        Richard Kaminski at |

        6 flashes is “Power selected when finger control lever pressed” which I think means that the forward/reverse bar is not centralised

  83. Brian Halliwell
    Brian Halliwell at |

    Freerider Mayfair
    Could you tell me what lubricant is in the transaxle and where to purchase?

  84. Paul Winwood
    Paul Winwood at |

    i have a breeze 3 mobility scooter, i changed the batteries on it but they were the wrong ones and would not work so i put the old ones back on and the same nothing no lights coming on or nothing and the charger just keeps flashing in sequence, tried pushing in the fuses but nothing , any ideas

  85. Fred
    Fred at |

    I have a royale 4 mobility scooter 3years old my problem is I have fitted new 75 amp battery’s new 12 amp charger the charger says full charge so do the battery’s I do about 3 or 4 miles & the scooter looses speed the battery drains

    Please Help Fred

  86. Caroline
    Caroline at |

    My friend has a monarch spsterpearl 4 blue 2012
    Every time put key in there is a constant beeping noise but still moves
    Any ideas please

  87. Donna Sollis
    Donna Sollis at |

    Hi Cheryl, did you get your scooter working again, as i am having the same problem. Turning the key getting a click, but wont go, battery full, now over heating, fuses good, all wiring connected BUT it wont GO. Any help would be appreciated from anyone x. Kind regards Donna I have a Electro Motion

    1. Donna Sollis
      Donna Sollis at |

      Hi Everyone, not to sure if this helps, my husband took my scooter apart and found out it was the Part No DRV1038, Part No (there are 2 part numbers for some reason) 62300017 Torque 8MM. This had become solid and this is why the wheels would not turn. This might not be what is wrong with your scooter, but thought this might helps someone. Kind regards Donna x

  88. George Keith
    George Keith at |

    I have a Elite go go traveller plus. It goes but does,nt hold power for long ..I have noticed on charge meter on tillier that a blue light is on all the time.. what does this indicate ? Any one help me out ? thanks

  89. Tom Fahey
    Tom Fahey at |

    I have a Pacesaver Passport scooter. I just bought t it used. I think it might have been one from a mall or store because it is in very good condition. First time out, the battery indicator was down a little closer to thee yellow line but half way in the green. I am a big guy over 330 lbs. It bogged down a few times but when I turned it off it seemed to be okay. I got about a mile from home and it died completely, the battery indicator stayed all the way to the left in the red. Even the horn did not work. (A guy came by and pushed me all the way home, there is a place in heaven for him). When I got it home and plugged in the charger the horn worked and the battery indicator went to full charge. I unplug it and it goes dead again. I was told the batteries were just a year old. Do you think I can salvage this machine? Any ideas?

  90. Roy
    Roy at |

    Hi, I have a Pride Scooter and the batteries are both fully charged, an when I press the fulward leaver nothing happened and the same with the reverse one,all the lights on the front panel show fully charged and bright, can anyone help, kind​ regards.

  91. Bev Reaney
    Bev Reaney at |

    My husband’s Invacare scooter has been parked in our shed for several months as my husband’s mobility has improved and he hasn’t needed to use it. For several days we have been aware of a very high-pitched whining noise but have only just worked out the noise is coming from the scooter. The charger was not connected to the scooter but the scooter still has charge in its batteries as the lights and horn are still working. The noise is higher-pitched than either the horn or the indicators.
    Any suggestions please as the noise is now driving me nuts if I go outside the back of the house?

    Bev Reaney

  92. tom
    tom at |

    My parents have a shoprider cadiz, when going down hill it gains speed, then suddenly the brake comes on and locks the wheels. I have changed the main controller and has had no effect. should I now replace the electro magnetic brake assembly or could the be another fault.

    1. Robbie
      Robbie at |

      There’s a speed limiter for when travelling downhill so the scooter can’t go too fast. If the driver has it going full speed the limiter will engage the brake automatically. Try going downhill at the slowest speed possible, boring I know, but should stop the brake engaging suddenly.

  93. Roy
    Roy at |

    I have a Britannia scooter and I have a continuous red light flashing can you advise thank you

  94. Lynda murton
    Lynda murton at |

    Hi I’ve just bought a secondhand rio 4+ mobility scooter, it’s fully charged but the power light is flashing and it beeps fast then 9 slow beeps. What can it be. Ta

  95. gayle
    gayle at |

    Hi , my husband has a pride sport rider (looks like a 3 wheel motor bike ), when riding it turns itself off for no apparent reason , could be dangerous going down hill , always starts again and off he goes . does anyone else have an issue like this

  96. Randy
    Randy at |

    Pride Celebrity XL Scooter will not move and gives a beep code of 1 beep then 3 beeps and book says that is speed pot fault. So I replaced speed pot and throttle pot and same thing, any help?

  97. Don
    Don at |

    Got a mobility scooter won’t. Go in reverse any ideals

  98. Peter Sturdgess
    Peter Sturdgess at |

    My Rascal 850 developed the same extremely dangerous fault after a minimal usage, and the manufacturer hid behind the12 month guarantee. My confidence in that scooter was destroyed.

  99. Peter Sturdgess
    Peter Sturdgess at |

    Sorry Roy my posting was intended for you

  100. Frank Owen
    Frank Owen at |

    Hi. I have a Craftmatic Coach Comfort also known as Pride Legend. Problem is it has suddenly stopped working. (1) I can move the scooter in drive and freewheel mode (ignition off). (2) The battery gauge sometimes works, can show false readings as well as showing full reading. (3) Whilst standing alongside scooter when I press toggle to go forward I can actually hold back the scooter from moving. I can hear the gearbox/motor moving, although suddenly gone noisy, it seems to be slipping in drive mode. (4) Batteries are good. All these problems developed at the same time.

  101. Peter cave
    Peter cave at |

    I have a sterling little star bought a new battery and now it just beeps when you turn on the key ?

  102. Christian
    Christian at |

    I have a pride victory sport. And there is a loud clanking in the motor. And when I go to stop the motor feels like it’s going to push threw the metal housing.

  103. eileen
    eileen at |

    i have a kymco mini comfort scooter when i turn the key every thing comes on but there is a flashing light and it wont move any ideas

  104. mark patterson
    mark patterson at |

    i have a st6 strider it was all running fine went into town 4 miles switched off than bk on wouldnt move no power than 1 hour later faults 5 and 8 was flashing any idea what to do

  105. lililiansmith
    lililiansmith at |

    i have a rascal 850 once again it wont go I turn it on then pull lever and it beeps the batterys eplaced throttle been replace speedo been replaced I have spent over 1600 with buying it and all the times its gone in shop then pick up and drop offs please whats up with it

  106. Norah
    Norah at |

    I have a Shoprider and over the past 3 days it stops when I try to turn right

  107. Brian Reed
    Brian Reed at |

    Hello, does anyone have a wiring diagram for a old Freerider Westminster please? Not the users manual. Thanks, [email protected]


    I have recently purchased a kymko midas xls mobility scooter.
    It has not been used for several months and has been well looked after
    on checking it over I found the indicators are not working .
    can you help me please

  109. Maurice Knowles
    Maurice Knowles at |

    i have a Cobra gt4 4 years old got a problem after a short distance all lights flash from left to right scooter slows down with bleeping all the time,new batteries new motor brushes… local Drive Medical got a diagnosed that the motor break is faulty he quoted me £270 for the new part plus labour…………..has anyone else got one of these Cobras i want to find out if this is a common problem

  110. Rebekah
    Rebekah at |

    I have an Electromotion Superglide.
    The current batteries are nine months old and I always fully charge after each outing. Recently, I have found that the scooter is hesitating and sometimes slows down – occasionally even stops!. I have checked the connections and made sure that the battery terminals are fully tightened.
    Does anyone have any ideas? The scooter is always kept in the house so is always kept dry and warm.
    Many thanks for any help, Regards, Rebekah

  111. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    Hi i have a mercury neo 8 which was fine until recently,now if i stop (Don’t have to turn ignition off,or remove key) it won’t move and red light flashes 8 times ,sometimes you can kind of rock it and it’ll move again ,sounds like something clicks back into place where my feet go if that makes sense,any ideas?

  112. Mrs.B.Gould
    Mrs.B.Gould at |

    I have a Quingo 4 wheeled 4/8 mph scooter, have had it for years but little used. I have tried to charge as often as I can. I want to try to use it now but the needle is on red, lots of green before it. The green light flashes continually when it is turned on. The lights work, would they still do that if the battery was empty.? Before I buy new batteries I really want to know if this is the case.

  113. DARREN
    DARREN at |

    Can somebody tell me please when your at a still on scooter the battery reads full but soon as your in motion in goes strange off green and battery are new as is scooter,which do I go by how much battery is in when at still or in mot thanks
    ion please let me no anybody thanks. darren

  114. Jane Barratt
    Jane Barratt at |

    Can anybody tell me, the needle shows fully charged whether the battery is charged or not. Is this an issue with the wiring?

  115. Mark
    Mark at |

    I have a pride revo, when in freewheel the scooter is still locked. Is it the electromagnetic brake that is faulty ?


  116. paul westbury
    paul westbury at |

    I have a pride celebrity xl8 the wheels not move in free wheel mode

  117. ann mcgonigle
    ann mcgonigle at |

    hi i have a pride colt plus and there is power to light and indicator but the other bit where shows the power and speed when you turn the key on there is nothing happening and it just wont go

  118. Gavin Robertson
    Gavin Robertson at |

    I have an invacare Leo but rear wheels going in opposite directions. Any info appreciated

  119. Tony Brewster
    Tony Brewster at |

    Hi I Have a Roma Medical Sorrento, it is running quite well (not had it that long) as far as I can tell, however yesterday I went down a ramped kerb crossed the road and up the ramped kerb on the other side, before I got fully onto the pavement the rear wheels just climbing the kerb edge the brake suddenly applied itself, quite harshly, I switched it off by the key and back on again, and it worked ok, This happened again the second time when in order to pass an obstruction on the pavement I put two wheels ont the very slightly raised grass verge, again it was resolved by switching off and on again, bit worried that this might happen when crossing a main road.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  120. chris coote
    chris coote at |

    Hi, has anybody had a problem with a Freerider scooter, mine only goes a short distance before the battery indicator reads low charge, even after being on charge, new batteries last year and tested ok, also horn/indicators/hazards arn’t working. any advice would be helpfull.


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